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Linda Matlow

Chicago, IL


By profession Linda Matlow is an entertainment industry and media photographer and writer. She has the largest independently owned entertainment wire service/photo agency with more than 200,000 edited images she has taken since the 1980s. Working worldwide,her clients include magazines,newspapers,books,tv,Warner Brothers,Marshall Field's,Macy's,Sony Pictures, Hermes,United Airlines,Neiman Marcus,The Starlight Foundation, The Jerry Springer Show (before all the chair tossing!) and hundreds more.

Her interest in the entertainment industry started at an early age with a love for music, a nice Nikon F camera from her father and a mother that was active with "The Second City"comedy writing and a downtown beauty salon that catered to the stars! Where was she to go ? Photography,writing a monthly entertainment column,traveling with rock bands and chained to her Mac writing three books.

When not getting calls to cover events for publications or PR clients she turns her camera on subjects that do not have a make-up artist,publicist and an entourage of 20.
Her motto ,"Follow your bliss" is why she felt drawn to the art world.With thousands of images published in a variety of media around the world her work also hangs in the homes of celebrities and corporations.

In 2009-2010 Linda had worked on photography,projects and publicity with singer/actor and long time friend Dennis Tufano, former original voice The Buckinghams published the photo book on him titled, Dennis Tufano "Oh-9."
It is available for purchase at:

In 2010/2011 'Hardcover' book of music photos 1980-2010 was published in two editions.
More info here:

All images by Linda Matlow were photographed with Professional cameras,lenses and flash units.

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The train station lobby art deco style by Linda Matlow


The World tini cocktail by Linda Matlow


Bold red abstract heart on red and white design 2 by Linda Matlow


Golf Tini Golf ball and martini glass by Linda Matlow


Golfing the world by Linda Matlow


Wild Crazy Beautiful Tulip Garden by Linda Matlow


Big Bold Calla Lily on black by Linda Matlow


Calla Lily Flower Trio by Linda Matlow


Single white rose blue tint by Linda Matlow


Black Sexy Stiletto heels 1 by Linda Matlow


Two orange red Tulips entwined by Linda Matlow


Sunflower Light rays in the wind by Linda Matlow


Pink lotus flower on heart shape lily pad by Linda Matlow


Pink lotus flower on lily pad by Linda Matlow